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I’m a creative with a passion for landscape geometry and the natural colors of the west coast and southwest. When asked to pick between the desert, the forest, and the ocean, I can’t choose. I’m drawn to the oranges and reds of Utah and Arizona, the yellows of the Joshua Tree desert, the blues of Southern California beaches, and the browns and greens of an Oregon forest. My design style is whimsical, colorful, organic, and geometric, but not uniform. I often use line art and illustrations to supplement my designs.

I’m currently finishing up my last year at UC Santa Barbara. I will be graduating in June 2020 with two bachelor's degrees in Art and Communication, as well as a Professional Writing Minor in Multimedia Communication. I recently completed a Graphic Design Certificate at Santa Barbara City College and passed the test to become Adobe Illustrator Certified in November 2019.



Tour Branding

Find Your Fit

Tank Top Design

Rian Solo

Photoshop Composition



National Park Posters

Grand Canyon


Honey Packaging


Pasta Packaging

Mazevo Designs


When You Wish

Printed Book

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