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The objective of this project was to develop a luxury honey brand specifically targeted to tourists in Cyprus. Melichrous is a high-end honey brand that demands to be seen. Tourists love bringing a piece of Cyprus home with them and Melichrous is the perfect gift to show someone they’re worth more than an “I Heart Cyprus” mug.

I brainstormed, designed, and built the brand and packaging from the ground up. I went with a simple black, gold, and white color palette to give the impression of luxury and class. Black packaging is not common for honey brands, so this one really stands out on a shelf. The geometric “M” logo incorporates a stylized drop of golden honey in the middle, which perfectly unites the preciseness of the letterform with the fluidity of the honey.


Melichrous is available as a 3 jar box-set or as individual jars in their own pull-tab box. The gold box inlays bring out the natural color of the honey as it shines through the jars, which emphasizes the meaning of the word melichrous: “the color of honey.” The twine accents bring honey back to its natural roots when combined with the modern and sleek labels.

*This project was created for a class at the University of Nicosia and not used to sell Melichrous Honey*


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