Iris Pasta

Pasta Packaging

Iris is an Italian pasta brand that values family, their family’s farm and natural ingredients. I was tasked to reinvent their pasta packaging to clearly illustrate their brand values and personality. I used their already established logo and created the rest of the design, illustrations, and concept from scratch.

This project features 2 different pasta shapes: spaghetti and macaroni. The pasta shows through a transparent window on the front of the box and creates the illusion that the pasta is part of the wheat stalks or the corn cob. This emphasizes Iris’s goal of providing natural, organic, and farm-to-table ingredients.


The sides of the boxes feature a variety of illustrations that tell the family story behind Iris and give a friendly/playful personality to the brand. Images include tractors, watering cans, fields, the sun, and people. The people represent the family that founded Iris and passed down the farming tradition. I chose a neutral brown, green, yellow, and white color palette to symbolize nature, as those colors are often associated with plants and the earth.

*This project was created for a class at the University of Nicosia and not used to sell Iris Pasta*


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