West Coast Tour Branding

This project was created to promote a West Coast Tour for the indie-rock band Wildermiss. The goal was to create a fun, colorful, west-coast vibe while incorporating natural illustrated elements that are central to Wildermiss’s brand. I used Wildermiss’s existing wordmark logo and created the rest of the designs myself.


The following are merchandise that fans could purchase at the concerts, including a shirt, a commemorative ticket, and a tote bag. These items follow the same branding as the rest of the tour in different ways. They are perfect keepsakes to remember the fun time you had at the Wildermiss concert.

*This project was created for a class at Santa Barbara City College and not used to promote Wildermiss.
I do not own the rights to the photos or Wildermiss logo.*


Find Your Fit

Tank Top Design


Honey Packaging

Rian Solo

Photoshop Composition

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